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Current Teams

This is a list of the current superhero teams in the world and their members. Typically this only deals with teams that our group has had contact with or some link to, rather than listing every single team in the Marvel universe.


This is a list of what headquarters upgrades the team has purchased already. This is an easy way to keep track of what you already have and has a link to the full list so you can see what else is currently available.


This will document all of the houserules we currently use to keep track of how much we have deviated from the source material.

Player Resources

This contains links to all of the data and materials I have provided or found for our group. If you ever lose the link to something, it should be in here.

Instructions for Editing

Here you can find all of the instructions for working on the wiki. It explains what to do to make new pages, get new effects, and generally add stuff.

Main Page

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