List of Houserules:

Opportunity is needed to counterattack.
Scene and Personal Distinction (CW).

Fortitude is almost always used in Reactions and recovery dice pools.

The hero has increased mental endurance and emotional control, as well as being able to ignore external factors through sheer willpower.

Exceptional Fortitude D8 indicates exceptional self-control with the capability to ignore discomfort and emotional responses in order to achieve a goal.
Immense Fortitude D10 allows the hero to ignore pain and demonstrates virtually unshakeable resolve, such that only the greatest perils and challenges can deter them.
Godlike Fortitude D12 the hero has the ability to overcome great fear, cannot be dissuaded from a course of action, and is capable of pushing himself to the greatest extremes if necessary.

Fortitude finds the most use in defending against and recovering from mental or emotional stress, or removing mind-related complications. Heroes with fortitude are defined by their exceptional willpower and self-control along with the ability to distance themselves from their emotions.

Additional Specialities (thanks to N0-1_H3r3)
Two additional levels of Speciality are available to characters in this game – Rookie and Grand Master. All player characters are assumed to have Rookie training in all specialities that aren’t rated higher. These are handled as follows:
Rookies have only a little experience and practical expertise in this field. If you’re a Rookie, you probably have only a cursory knowledge of the skills, minimal contacts within the field, and a layman’s knowledge of other practitioners. Any time you roll dice to do something related to a given field, and you otherwise lack a speciality in that field, you may choose to add d6 to the dice pool. You cannot create Stunts or Resources linked to a Rookie speciality.
Grand Masters have the kind of expertise that is rare on any single world, and are likely amongst the most capable and renowned practitioners in the universe, if not the multiverse. If you’re a Grand Master, you have an unparalleled understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of your chosen field, a deep understanding of the works and capabilities of others in that field, and the accompanying renown and resources that come from invariably being the foremost practitioner on your planet. Any time you roll dice to do something for which your training might help, you may choose to add either d12 or 2d10 or 3d8 to the dice pool. For any Resource created from a Grand Master speciality, the resource die is a d10.

- An Acrobatic Rookie is somewhat agile and nimble, likely from amateur gymnastics or dance practice.
- An Acrobatic Grand Master has an uncanny, almost preternatural grace, capable of routinely performing feats of agility that would be extremely challenging for any lesser acrobat.

- A Business Rookie has a little practical experience of business, and knows enough about finances to be able to balance their own accounts, maintain a small business and maybe make a little money off of casual trading.
- A Business Grand Master knows almost instinctively the ebb and flow of stock markets, has a comprehensive understanding of the myriad factors involved in running a business and making money, and is regarded as a foremost expert in finance and all other business matters.

- A Combat Rookie has a rudimentary understanding of combat, likely from self-defence classes, amateur practice of a martial art, time at a firing range or gun club, or similar hobbies.
- A Combat Grand Master has mastered countless armed and unarmed styles, has probably developed several new combat techniques and fighting styles, is an exceptional strategist and tactician, and is undoubtedly regarded as the finest combatant and military mind in the world.

- A Cosmic Rookie has an understanding of space and its inhabitants beyond that of the layman, but lacks a great deal of specific knowledge.
- A Cosmic Grand Master has an extensive knowledge of spatial phenomena, parallel dimensions and time travel, much of it from practical experience, and possesses a deeper understanding of the nature and forces present throughout the multiverse than almost any other living being.

- A Covert Rookie is sneaky enough to escape notice, observe or eavesdrop on unsuspecting people, and generally avoid attention under normal circumstances.
- A Covert Grand Master does not exist outside of rumour and hearsay, is unmatched in the arts of infiltration, espionage and wetworks, and has extensive contacts throughout the intelligence community, even if they know only aliases.

- A Crime Rookie has a rudimentary knowledge of the law and how to avoid it, likely from reading too many true crime novels and watching hours of procedural cop shows.
- A Crime Grand Master has a thorough knowledge of the laws of numerous countries, and possibly even other worlds, sufficient to elude or enforce the forces of law and order in any location or situation.

- A Medical Rookie has training in first aid and basic emergency medicine.
- A Medical Grand Master is not only a leading name in a single medical speciality, but also possesses a detailed understanding of all other areas of medical science, and is sufficiently skilled to be able to improvise and innovate life-saving or revolutionary procedures with minimal preparation.

- A Menace Rookie knows how to use size and circumstances to dissuade and intimidate, or is otherwise a bully with a knack for picking on the weak.
- A Menace Grand Master has the ability to inspire great fear, and exudes menace with every glare and every word – sufficient to make even the most hardened and fearless souls flinch beneath your gaze.

- A Mystic Rookie understands that magic is a real force in the world, though knowledge beyond that as much myth as fact.
- A Mystic Grand Master likely has centuries, if not millennia of experience in dealing with the arcane, and comprehends more about the shadowed, mystic side of existence than most will ever imagine.

- A Psych Rookie has a basic, day-to-day understanding of behaviour, can lie reasonably convincingly, and can speak in front of a group of people without stuttering or stumbling over words.
- A Psych Grand Master can understand the minds of others with exceptional clarity, sufficient to reliably judge likely courses of action and analyse deep-seated issues – a Psych Grand Master understands people better than they do themselves.

- A Science Rookie has a basic understanding of chemistry, physics and biology, through a combination of standardised schooling and the occasional documentary or news item.
- A Science Grand Master is the world’s leading scientific mind, an expert in countless distinct fields, world-renowned even outside the scientific community, and has made some of the greatest discoveries in the history of humanity.

- A Tech Rookie can use and maintain most common technological devices, has a basic working knowledge of mechanics and electronics, and is probably his friends’ and family’s go-to person for computer advice.
- A Tech Grand Master is decades ahead of the rest of the world’s technological development, making leaps of development far beyond the mainstream.

- A Vehicle Rookie has a clean driver’s licence, and may be familiar with the operation of other common vehicles as well.
- A Vehicle Grand Master can draw every last bit of performance from any vehicle, achieving feats that border on the impossible.


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