The Outsiders

The Reunion

System is dead. For the first time the Outsiders find themselves together again and united for a single cause. Their reunion comes at the highest price. Gathering around the body of their fallen friend,

The team quickly sets to investigating the scene and decides to view the security footage in the Danger Room, below. Before they go down, Grey manages to reassemble System’s body into a more elegant form and Batman covers the young girl with his cape. The security video shows several mercenaries and Hand members surrounding her, taking orders from someone off camera. They’re trying to get her to summon the team and when she will not, the put a bullet through her head. Before any of them can react the building explodes around them.

Across the city Wilson Fisk smiles to himself as he watches the fireball plume into the sky. He knows his plan has worked and is awaiting the results.

The team, uninjured thanks to the reinforcement of the Danger Room, crawl out of the rubble. The explosion damaged much of the surrounding city and harbor. Each member of the team quickly decides the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Their justice waits as they help put out fires and rescue innocent civilians.

The team gets in touch with several contacts and analyzes what they could find at the scene. They manage to track down several leads pointing them to the location of a Hand base (though SHIELD warns to stay away), several hangouts of mercenaries and Hand members, and even the home address to the man who shot System. Batman and Robin decide to investigate the home while the rest of the team heads to a high profile club.

While Batman and Robin breach and secure the mercenary having dinner with his family, Grey creates a distraction for Time Turner and Safer to do their work in the club. Grey creates a rapper named the Fat Cosmic with his own cosmic powers. He uses the man as a distraction in the club to draw the attention of the crowd. Using the distraction, Time Turner and Safer are able to gather the needed information.

Both leads pan out that the Hand was directly involved and that their base should hold more answers. They were able to glean from their leads that Bullseye, Elektra, the Brothers Grimm, and Wilson Fisk were all involved.

The team coordinated with SHIELD and set up a joint task force to assault the Hand base. They quickly made their way inside, making short work of all the ninjas, and captured Elektra causing the rest of the members to immediately surrender. SHIELD began its cleanup of the situation and the team proceeded to turn their attention towards the Kingpin.

The Mini Invasion
Session 30

With Batman currently out of the picture, the rest of the heroes are relaxing after a month long break of hardly any crimes when alien ships start dropping out of the skies.

Death of Batman Pt 2
Session 29

Yankee stadium has been turned into a rainforest…

The Death of Batman Pt 1
Session 28

A giant tube opens up in the middle of Central Park; five figures emerge that the world has never seen before…

Everything's Changing
Session 27

Bruce Wayne is back in town, but one of his closest allies knows his secret…

What the Hel?
Session 26

The scene opens on the group, already engaged in a fierce battle with Deneroth in the sewers beneath New York City.

Meteors and Shipyards
Session 25

Safer and Grey walk into a movie theater…

Session 24

The Outsiders are relaxing at the base when they are suddenly ambushed…

Armor Wars Part 2
Session 23

Having been in custody for a week, the heroes now face their trial…

Armor Wars Part 1
Session 22

Ollie is discussing a suit he made with Tony Stark when an explosion rocks the building.


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