The Outsiders

The Mini Invasion
Session 30

With Batman currently out of the picture, the rest of the heroes are relaxing after a month long break of hardly any crimes when alien ships start dropping out of the skies.

Death of Batman Pt 2
Session 29

Yankee stadium has been turned into a rainforest…

The Death of Batman Pt 1
Session 28

A giant tube opens up in the middle of Central Park; five figures emerge that the world has never seen before…

Everything's Changing
Session 27

Bruce Wayne is back in town, but one of his closest allies knows his secret…

What the Hel?
Session 26

The scene opens on the group, already engaged in a fierce battle with Deneroth in the sewers beneath New York City.

Meteors and Shipyards
Session 25

Safer and Grey walk into a movie theater…

Session 24

The Outsiders are relaxing at the base when they are suddenly ambushed…

Armor Wars Part 2
Session 23

Having been in custody for a week, the heroes now face their trial…

Armor Wars Part 1
Session 22

Ollie is discussing a suit he made with Tony Stark when an explosion rocks the building.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Session 21

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the warehouse…


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