The Outsiders

Brand New World
Session 1

Oliver Storm and Meat Shield stood on the bridge of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier. Ollie, a current S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, was introducing Meat Shield personally to Director Maria Hill in the hopes that he could join the organization. A mutant with supernatural speed and a soldier of many wars, he was a perfect candidate. While discussing the particulars of his joining the bridge had an alert from The Raft indicating there was a massive prison break happening. The Director ordered everyone she could to respond to the alert and try to contain some of the most dangerous villains imaginable. Deciding this could be his tryout, she ordered Storm and Meat Shield to the raft as well.

Among the many contacts of S.H.I.E.L.D. that were pulled into action was Safer. A budding sorcerer and friend of Doctor Strange, he received a mental call and requested an airship to pick him up. Now joined with Oliver Storm and Meat Shield, they made their way to the raft where they landed and began to corral citizens to safety.

While the group of heroes secured their landing pad a fourth appeared on the scene. Batman, having heard the distress call through his personal systems, decided to finally put himself to the test in his first action as a superhero. Using an armored suit he designed himself, he flew his Batjet around The Raft trying to get a clear idea of what was happening. A sudden electrical explosion destroyed part of the prison and clipped the Batjet, causing it to crash. Ejecting from the jet, Batman glided into the hole made by the explosion only to see Electro escaping with another prisoner.

Batman landed in the midst of several escaping convicts, which he quickly dispatched with a series of kicks and punches. Making his way through the top level he came upon the landing pad which the other heroes had just cleared. As Meat Shield ran forward to Batman to make contact and determine who he was, another explosion rocked the prison and Count Nefaria emerged from a hole in the landing pad. Our heroes teamed together for the first time and took down the evil Count in a few quick actions, only to have him be replaced by the Living Laser who did not stop to fight, but ran.

Having secured the top level, our heroes decided to descend the broken elevator shaft to put an end to the rioting amongst the more dangerous villains. Deciding to scout ahead, Meat Shield ran to the lowest levels where he found The Sentry sitting alone in his open cell. Meat Shield tried to talk Bob Reynolds into helping the heroes contain the escapees, but to no avail. After giving up on the sulking hero, he turned to investigate where he thought the power plant would be, only to be ambushed by Carnage.

While Meat Shield ventured forth on his own, Safer, Ollie, and Batman took the top of the lower levels and worked to contain the rioters there. They ran across Controller, Crossbones, Constrictor, and Jigsaw. Having not found their weapons, these villains were not very formidable. Ollie reached out to Constrictor, a man he had served with in S.H.I.E.L.D., and made him think twice about attacking people he used to help. While doing so, Safer and Batman quickly knocked out the unarmed Crossbones and made Controller try and flee. Oliver Storm stretched out and grabbed the flying Controller, slamming him back down to prevent his escaping. Jigsaw retreated further into the prison while the heroes knocked out the indecisive Constrictor.


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