The Outsiders

Crash Landing
Session 11

As Batman and Ollie land back at the warehouse they find a newspaper. The front page is dedicated to the awards ceremony the day before with the headline ‘The Outsiders’. Their team had been given a name. After the recent news of Black Widow’s betrayal and Ollie’s own misgivings about Maria Hill, he opts to track down the superspy and is looking to recruit help to do it. The other heroes are sitting around the base deciding what to do when Batman picks up some strange readings. One of his personal satellites just recorded a ship crashing in a field 500 miles away. According to the information fed to him, the ship did not look human. Relaying this information to the others got Grey excited, hopeful that it could be someone he knows.

They quickly set out and flew to the scene. During their approach they realized someone else was already there. Batman engaged their stealth systems to avoid being seen. He landed nearby and they observed the proceedings. A large group of people in HAZMAT suits were setting up a perimeter and interacting with the crashed vessel. It most definitely wasn’t human, though The Grey didn’t recognize the design. As they watched, a very large figure appeared and moved among the people. It was MODOK. The Outsiders only knew him by reputation and none of them had no prior experience with AIM. Playing on this fact they left the Batjet and approached the salvage team to talk.

MODOK was less than impressed with the heroes. He told them he was salvaging the ship since it was in the public domain to create technologies to better mankind. Safer called his bluff by drawing attention to the acronym of MODOKS name. Feeling they were wasting his time, he ordered his AIM soldiers to attack. A swarm fell upon the heroes, but luckily they had brought more scientists than soldiers. Batman set to work on the normal grunts, bobbing in and out of the scientists he quickly punched and kicked. Safer began to mentally combat MODOK, but MODOK landed the first blow and placed mental blocks in Safer’s head to try and prevent his use of magic. The Grey took MODOK head on.

The battle was furious but lasted a long time. Grey bobbed in close to MODOK but regretted the decision when he was knocked under the large villain. Shutting off his chair, MODOK landed squarely on Grey causing significant damage. He then reached into The Grey’s mind and forced him to attack Batman. Safer quickly set to work trying to reverse the effects, though his own powers were dampened, but not before Grey leapt at Batman with his chain-sickle. Batman reacted quickly and pressed a few buttons which called the Batjet over to slam into The Grey. Safer was then able to reverse the Mind Control as Batman dispatched the last few scientists. With their combined efforts now focused on MODOK, they made short work of him.

Batman landed a final punch to MODOK’s face (with explosive gel on his gauntlet for extra oomph) when the large figure surrendered. The Outsiders told him to give them everything he had salvaged. MODOK, feigning compliance, took himself over to one of the vans they had been loading and while pretending to open it called one of his bases which teleported him and the van out of there. They had lost MODOK, but they still had most of the craft. Quickly searching it they found blood and some alien technology that had been pulled out of it. Safer tried to search the memories within the blood for clues as to the alien. He got flashes of emotion that seemed to do with the crash and something about the country Germany. While he did that, Batman and Grey loaded the tech into the Batjet. As they were doing so SHIELD arrived.

Agent Coulson debriefed the heroes and thanked them for securing the scene, but that SHIELD would have to take it over. Safer asked for a sample of the blood so that it might be used for further investigation. Agent Coulson resisted at first, but they offered to trade him the information they had obtained from it in exchange for the sample. They didn’t mention the tech they had already taken. He accepted and soon after the heroes were heading home to study their findings. They called Ollie to tell him the good news, and he informed them that he had gotten Hawkeye’s support and they knew were Black Widow was.

A.I.M. Again?
Session 12

With the alien artifacts successfully tucked away, the heroes debated over whether to go to Germany or Russia while the equipment and blood sample were analyzed. They knew were Black Widow was, but The Grey was extremely interested in any alien activity for good reason. In the end they decided on Russia since Hawkeye pointed out they knew were Black Widow could be, but they had no other leads in Germany.

Hawkeye navigated them to a small airfield deep within Russia. After years of knowing Natasha he figured she would be nearby and he was right. As the exited the Batjet they found Black Widow standing at the foot of the ramp waiting for them. As they questioned her she explained that she had not attacked Maria Hill, that whoever it was was an imposter. Natasha had walked in on the supposed Maria Hill as she was shapeshifting. She caught sight of a lot green before the imposter turned to attack. Black Widow shot her through the neck before making her escape. Ollie recounted that she was perfectly fine when he spoke to her after the attack. Whoever it was, was powerful. Natasha then explained that she had found the location of Nick Fury and she planned on getting the actual Director of SHIELD back.

Sharing info, she showed them the plans to an AIM base that was housing him. She didn’t know what AIM could want with Director Fury since they were a technological manufacturer, but it couldn’t be good. The base had many defenses and few options. After forming a plan of attack, they all got in her vehicle and drove to the base. Guarding the entrance was a group of soldiers and two automated turrets. Making short work of them, they all proceeded to head inside. Safer elected to guard the entrance while providing minor support. He gave Ollie magical armor that would make attacks fail in spectacular ways, he gave Batman a whirlwind that could propel him, and Grey a purple creature that originated from his home planet that he could ride. Thusly armed they stormed the base.

Once inside, Hawkeye and Black Widow split off to secure the Armory and arm themselves with better weapons. The Outsiders branched off to the security room to try and shut down the turrets around the base that kept popping out of the ceiling. They met quite a bit of resistance, but fought their way up to the door. The techs inside had barricaded themselves in, though. A combination of phasing and bluff tactics led to the deaths of everyone inside except one man. They threatened him into unlocking the security system but he passed out so Safer reached into his mind and pulled out what they needed. They now had access to all the security information, layout, and control of the turrets. They found Fury’s location on the very bottom level and relayed the info to Black Widow and Hawkeye to meet them there.

Ollie stayed behind to control any security doors and run the automated turrets. Once they reached the bottom floor he let them inside and they found Nick Fury hanging in the middle of the room. His arms were missing. As they approached they realized it was a Life Model Decoy of his, a fact that didn’t seem to surprise Natasha. She tried to bring the unit back online and talk to Nick Fury, when they heard someone behind them. MODOK emerged from the shadows, only it wasn’t him. The imposing villain had been reconstructing the LMD technology and they were seeing a half finished version in front of them with half its face missing. While it didn’t possess his mental powers, the seat was fully armed and MODOK unleashed that upon the heroes.

Black Widow and Hawkeye fell under the combined might of several lasers and weapons, while the others labored furiously to beat him. During the battle the heroes realized their mental link and the powers bequeathed by Safer were removed. As they were finishing the fight with MODOK, Ollie checked the external cameras and noticed Safer had changed into Mephisto, but that Mephisto was lying unconscious on the ground. A full SHIELD strikeforce was entering the base. He quickly labored to shut all the security doors, but some were already inside. Realizing they didn’t have much time the heroes scrambled to think of a plan of escape. They ripped the eye out of MODOKs unit, hoping to glean information from it as well as the head from Fury’s LMD.

Ollie began yelling at the SHIELD agents and demanded to talk to Maria Hill. She indulged him as her agents counter-hacked his controls and blew open the security doors. She informed him that they were under arrest for assisting a traitor who had tried to kill her. Ollie kept resisting and trying to fight her, but the agents quickly made their way to him and he surrendered to the multiple Cape Killers that had their weapons lowered to his chest. Thinking quickly, the group downstairs knew they couldn’t hide. Natasha and Hawkeye were took weak and The Grey too big for he had become upset at the proceedings and enlarged to his 7’ tall form again. Knowing there was nothing else to do, The Grey sacrificed himself to distract the SHIELD agents from Batman. Batman, who had been camoflauged the entire assault, snuck out of the bunker as The Grey lifted the platform holding the robotic Nick Fury over his head and screamed his defiance at the SHIELD agents. Outside, Ollie watched as Black Widow and Hawkeye were brought up and Safer and Grey were both detained (both full of tranquilizer darts) but there was no sign of Batman.

Surprise! Aliens!
Session 13

Batman stood alone in Russia as his only allies were flown away in the SHIELD Helicarrier, along with his Batjet that they had found. He quickly called to his butler to send him another one and processed a plan to secure their release. He had the head of the Nick Fury Life Model Decoy, so when the Batjet arrive he scanned it and had Lucius Fox make a disguise mask and voice changer so he could present himself on the Helicarrier and take back his team without getting arrested himself.

As Batman formed his plan and prepped his assault, Ollie awoke in one of the cells on the Helicarrier. Maria Hill entered the room shortly thereafter and tried interrogating him, but got little more than insults from the agent. Realizing it was a waste of her own time, she left and one of the guards from outside the room entered and began to interrogate Ollie with his fists. Ollie, tied to the chair, couldn’t do anything to resist, but realized that the punches had stopped hurting after a minute or two. Then, he realized the punches seemed to be making him stronger. A particularly nasty blow sent him reeling sideways and his wrists broke through the handcuffs binding him. It seemed Ollie had finally developed his mutant power. Taking advantage of the guards stunned hesitation, Ollie quickly attacked and disabled the two men that were with him. Outside of his room were more cells holding his friends whom he started to free. Grey and Safer were both under sedation since their powers could not be contained, so they took a few minutes before they were useful.

While his teammates were escaping, Batman had landed on the Helicarrier in the disguise of Nick Fury. A full contingent of SHIELD agents were awaiting him on the deck, along with Maria Hill. ‘Fury’ tried to talk them down, only to be promptly arrested and escorted to the bridge. Not understanding what was going on, he had little choice but to let them take him. As the reached the bridge, so did the rest of the Outsiders. Maria Hill dove inside and shut the door behind her, leaving a squad of SHIELD agents to try and take down the superheroes. Something they couldn’t manage to do. Batman quickly donned his suit (keeping his face hidden) and they went onto the bridge. Maria Hill stood alone, typing on a console. The heroes threatened her to stand down, but she ignored them until she pulled a small device from her pocket and activated it. It was then that she turned and shapeshifted into Loki. The blast shields behind him opened to reveal a large alien force descending on New York City. He cursed the heroes for their interference, but explained how they couldn’t stop him now that he had shut off all of the worlds defenses. The entire planet was being invaded and most of the military forces and firepower were offline. Lokie explained the Chitauri forces would wipe humanity from the Earth.

The Outsider struck. Ollie left with Black Widow and Hawkeye to get extra weapons, knowing this time they didn’t have Thor to help them defeat Loki. The others did their best to defeat him, when Loki changed into Wolverine and began clawing at the heroes. He managed to catch The Grey in the side before getting knocked back. Batman charged but Loki was too quick and managed to throw the hero out of the window, though he grabbed the ledge. Loki then transformed into The Thing after a few more hits to make himself impervious rather than just having a healing factor. Ollie had recovered his gear by now and tried stretching up through the carrier to hit Loki, but he missed. Batman summoned his Batjet up underneath him to catch him rather than climb back up, but as he was dropping down Grey knocked Thing out of the window and onto the Batjet, leaping down after him. Now fighting on the hovering jet, the three of them traded many blows. Safer and Ollie did their best to help from the helicarrier and they ended up knocking Thing off of the jet to fall to the city below.

Now free of the villain, the heroes descended into the city to stop the alien forces. Ollie stayed on the Helicarrier, piloting it, while Batman stayed in his Batjet. Grey leapt through the streets knocking aliens out of the air while Safer spent his entire time rescuing civilians. Along with the Outsider, the Avengers took to the streets and helped protect the city from the invaders. The Chitauri swooped amongst the city wreaking havoc and killing people. Leviathans descended up on the city releasing even more foot soldiers and they all seemed to descend from the heavens. Thor arrived and rockets skywards, finding himself facing an alien mothership. Putting all of his might behind his attacks, it still took several hits to make the ship fall. The heroes in the city below fought tooth and nail to deplete the forces. As soon as the mothership fell and reinforcements dwindled, the Chitauri began to pull back from the fight and used their shapeshifting to go into hiding. Once again the city was saved, but it was only the beginning as news reports from around the world showed that there aliens everywhere.

Hydra Hammering
Session 14

After repelling the invasion of NYC, the Outsiders made their way back to home base where they discovered an intruder. Standing inside of the wards Safer had put around the alien artifacts was a young girl. She introduced herself as System, and asked to join their team. She had been studying them (her superpowers granting her the ability to mimic any actions she sees and to understand what she sees) and had also discovered what all of the alien technology was. They had taken the navigation system of the ship which was still linked to the aliens mainframe, allowing it to display the location of every alien ship on the planet.

They took the information to the Avengers and SHIELD. Captain America had recognized the Chitauri forces from his encounter with them during World War II, and noticed that they were amassing at one of the old Hydra bases in Germany. Deciding he was going there, the Avengers split up across the globe to help with more of the incursion. The Outsiders decided to support Captain America in Germany and then work their way southward into Africa and Wakanda which was under siege.

Arriving in Germany, they stormed the Hydra base. Quickly eliminating the resistance they stood outside, they worked their way inside where the forces fell before their full on assault. Having just begun to amass their forces in the area, the base was sparsely defended and did not have full measures set in place to repel invaders. Thus, the heroes charged through the Hydra and eventual Chitauri forces they ran across.

Deep within the base the found Madame Hydra, Baron Strucker, and a Chitauri Commander plotting over a computer. They split up at the sight of the heroes, the Baron going one way towards an airplane hanger and Madame Hydra along with the Chitauri made their way to a submarine bay. The heroes split up as well with Safer and the Captain going after the Baron while Grey and Batman took the other two.

Grey and Batman caught up quickly to their charges and quick work to immobilize them. Their adversary was more bent on escape and made their way into a submarine, locking the door behind them and starting their descent into the ocean. Batman, knowing he couldn’t stop a submarine went back to the computer they had been using to see what secrets it held. Grey, unwilling to admit defeat, plunged into the ocean and dragged the submarine back onto the dock. Rolling it across the floor, he heard Madame Hydra screech in pain as she was knocked unconscious, but the Chitauri Commander lunged from the vessel as he shapeshifted into a large monster. The two fought until the Commander was able to make his way into the other submarine. Once again, he was going to try and get away but Grey ripped the propellers off of the vehicle. A search of the submarine revealed the Commander had shapeshifted, torn his way through the sub, and swam away.

Meanwhile, Captain America and Safer did their best to lock the Baron to the ground. Safer summoned chains to bind the airplanes to the ground as Captain America battled one of his oldest foes. During the fight, Cap lost his shield which the Baron used to knock him out with. Safer only avoided a possible blow as well by removing himself from reality, temporarily. This cut off the power to the summoned chains and the Baron seized the chance to escape. Reviving Captain America, Safer then proceed to drag him back to the computer where Batman awaited with the plans detailing the aliens attacks. Grey showed up with Madame Hydra and they decided what they needed to do next.

I Think We Can Take "Em
Session 15

Having just defeated the HYDRA forces in Germany, but failing to capture the Baron and Chitauri Commander, the heroes plotted their next move…

Captain America decided to head to England to support London in its own invasion while The Grey decided to stay behind at the Hydra base to secure the captive Madam Hydra until SHIELD backup arrived, but to also study the alien technology littering the base. With their mental link in place, Safer, Ollie, and Batman spoke with System to determine the best course of action.

She informed the Outsiders of the threat still looming in Wakanda (though their shield hadn’t failed it was getting peppered by artillery) and of a new anomaly. Several alien motherships where hovering around the globe and not releasing their forces. Nobody could get a scan to see what was going on because of the shields the ships were projecting, but it couldn’t be good. The closest one to them was hovering over the pyramids in Egypt and after a brief argument, that’s where Ollie decided to go…alone. Batman and Safer made their own way into Africa to support Wakanda and the assault against them.

Upon reaching Wakanda, the two heroes found an alien force with artillery positions hammering on the shield of the small nation. Nothing seemed to be getting through, but not knowing how long that would hold the heroes leapt into action to take out the giant guns. To begin their assault, Safer made a shield of magic around him and dove out of the Batjet. Using himself as a human bullet, he collided with one of the artillery positions and knocked the guns into each other to destroy them. He quickly began working on the ground forces nearby to try and fight his way to the next position. At the same time, Batman used his Batjet to try and clear the area of forces. Managing to get shotdown, he used his grapple gun to hijack another alien ship that he was promptly shot out of. Using the same trick he procured another, but failed to evade the next bit of fire (mostly from not knowing how to fly an alien ship).

Safer finished up the ground forces and tried to call for help from Wakanda. Nothing was able to get through the shield (not even magic) so he used his powers to arrange the clouds in the sky into a message. While he moved to the next artillery position while Batman used a combination of batarangs and explosive pellets to destroy the engines of the remaining alien ships before proceeding to help Safer. The second artillery position proved to be as weak as the previous one and was easily taken down by Safer. His coup de grâce occured by conjuring a cannon and firing one of the elite soldiers into a nearby tree. As soon as Batman finished off the rest of the air forces, the shield of Wakanda flickered for a moment and gunfire began raining down on the enemies plaguing Safer. Now making his own way to his ally, Batman spotted a very large Chitauri running parallel to him.

As the all drew together, the two heroes realized the gunfire was coming from none other than Nick Fury himself. The lost hero made short work of the Chitauri soldiers and with Batman and Safer’s help he defeated the Chitauri commander, though Batman broke his gauntlets in the process. Nick Fury brought the two up to speed on his disappearance by telling them he knew of traitors within SHIELD and that Maria Hill was seemingly one of them. Fearing a plot on his life, he fled to Wakanda where T’challa was kind enough to give him refuge.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, Ollie and Agent Coulson had arrive at the mothership in Egypt. Hovering over the pyramids, the ship made no move against SHIELD’s Helicarrier. Ollie had System analyze the shield to try and find a weakness. Using the alien navigation computer they had taken from the crashed ship, she was able to synthesize a signal that would probably allow access. A high pitched whine erupted from the Helicarrier’s speakers causing the Egyptian military below to flinch. The mothership didn’t move, but some lights flickered across it so he hopped in a shuttle and proceeded to dock on their ship. Once inside the shield it still cut off the outside world. He was alone.

As soon as Ollie had landed in the docking bay of the ship he was surrounded by Chitauri soldiers. Thinking fast on his feet, he boldly stepped out of the ship and demanded that he be taken to their leader. Confused, the soldiers did so, taking him up to the bridge of the ship where he faced one of the Chitauri commanders. Ollie decided to try and deceive the invader and did his best to convince him he was an undercover Chitauri. He did this by yelling at the Chitauri commander. The commander tried to call him on his bluff, but Oliver seemed to have an answer for everything. Including why he couldn’t speak their own language. Pretending he was inspecting the ship, he asked for a detailed analysis of their progress and got it. Having enough of him, the commander asked him to be taken to a room where he could analyze the report. As Ollie left the bridge he noticed the commander talking into a communication system. To try and throw the commander off, he ordered his Chitauri escort to take him to the engine room instead to analyze how it was functioning.

Upon arrival, Ollie stared a large, open core engine and heard alarms begin to blare. The two Chitauri had something spoken to them over the comms before lowering their weapons at Ollie. He quickly stretched around each guard and threw them into the open core of the engine causing it to malfunction. The mothership now engine-less began to fall out of the sky. Oliver quickly phased himself through the floor and out of the ship where he turned himself into a parachute to land safely on the ground. However, his actions had caused the mothership to careen straight towards one of the pyramids. Thinking fast on his feet, Ollie grabbed one of the Egyptian military’s generators and stretched out to the pyramid. Using the electricity to boost his power bracelets he touched and phased the entire pyramid so the mothership passed right through.

Once the ship crashed, the military made short work of the survivors, while Ollie captured their leader by reaching inside of him and squeezing a vital organ. The Egyptian military took the alien technology into their custody in exchange for SHIELD taking the captive commander. Getting back in touch with the rest of the group, System let them all know that she had had time to figure out the data that Batman had gotten from the HYDRA base. It showed a separate base that was not located on their current map of the alien forces. Located in the abandoned SHIELD outpost in Antarctica (that the heroes forgot to investigate during the Breakout), the heroes now knew where their next mission would be.

Antarctic Alien HQ
Session 16

The heroes found themselves in Antarctica two days after their raids in Egypt and Wakanda. With Director Fury, they sat in the SHIELD Helicarrier’s briefing room staring at a holographic map of the Antarctic SHIELD base. It consisted of a large mine shaft with a facility surrounding it. They were unsure what alien forces were inside because of another shield blocking all outside contact. Reed Richards and System were hooked into the communications where they offered their own input. Together, they had been trying to crack the alien language, but hadn’t managed much. System locked out Richards when he started to ramble and explained to them that the best they could tell is that there was an alien army and they seemed to have a failsafe. There were constant references to a “Final Force” in the documents and the best they could tell it might be a bomb.

Tony Stark then arrived with all the reinforcements he could muster: super-villains. The United States had passed the proposal to offer pardons to all super-powered individuals who would help combat the invasion. Tony’s influence had done little except to keep them from releasing some of the worst offenders like Carnage. A brief argument happened as the heroes opposed their presence, but Fury dissuaded any conflicts by reminding them all that without the extra help they would have no chance to defeat the aliens. A battle plan was formed and the forces began to prepare.

After another day, the heroic forces stood in a line in front of the alien shield. On the other side rested the aliens own line of soldiers, along with a few gun emplacements and anti-aircraft towers. System signaled the start of the battle with a high pitched squeal. The same signal that she had used for Ollie in Egypt was being broadcast to allow them passage through the alien shield. Once inside, the battle was chaotic. Batman, in his typical heroic fashion, tried to stay completely camouflaged for the battle, but the vast amounts of snow rendered that impossible. He managed to take down many Chitauri soldiers with his batarangs and explosive pellets. Safer summoned an AT-AT foot to step on the gun emplacements, nearly destroying one of them. While The Grey created a cosmic baseball bat and ball to take down the other. His war cries of “Touchdown!” and “Goooooooooal!” showed his still weak understanding of Earth sports.

During the battle the heroes received help from various villains with Doctor Octopus saved the Grey, Living Laser helped Batman, and Grey Gargoyle saved Safer. General mayhem ensued around them as they fought the aliens. The Grey even knocked a DirectTV satellite out of orbit with one of his cosmic baseballs. Olliver Storm managed to stretch up and grab it, swinging it to crash in a safe place, though it had more dire consequences than anyone could have imagined. (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: Matt ruined my tv show! He must pay!) In this fashion they fought their way inside the base, leaving the rest of the alien forces and the AA towers for the villains and SHIELD agents. Meanwhile, Ollie called DirectTV (thinking their satellite had crashed of its own accord) and yelled at a support agent until one of the supervisors told Ollie they would give them DirectTV for free in their base.

Iron Man flew in with them, stopping at the entrance of the mine shaft. Housed in the mine was another mothership. A guard force protected it, but Safer summoned the arctic air from outside to come in an freeze them. He then stepped forward and entered the mind of one of the soldiers to draw knowledge of the ship and the aliens from him. The Outsiders elected to go to the bridge while Iron Man said he would check the engine room to see about shutting the ship down. Realizing they didn’t know their way, The Grey began leaping through the halls trying to cover as much ground as quickly as possible. While Safer tried to piece together the information from the knowledge he had taken from the Chitauri, Batman pulled out his Cryptographic Sequencer, sent out a sonar through the ship to make a map, and led them to the bridge.

Two more Chitauri Elites protected the bridge, but the heroes made short work of them as well by throwing them into one another, shocking them, and generally punching their lights out. During this, Iron Man came over their mental link to inform the heroes the ships core was exposed like the other, but many things were wired into it that he didn’t understand. It looked like they had found the “Final Force”. The bridge now seemingly clear, they walked onto it. The sight before them was grizzly. Maria Hill, malnourished, bruised, and unconscious hung on the wall. Surrounding her were many dead Chitauri. Batman rushed forward to try and get her down, only to be hit from the side. He took the brunt of the damage, rolled, and came up to face a being who hated him more than anyone else.

A Skrull stood before the heroes, his voice gritty and menacing. He revealed himself to be the shapeshifter they had fought on the bridge (not Loki) and the actual leader of this invasion. Yelling, “I am Scurra, one of the last of the War Skrulls! And I will be your doom.” he shapeshifted into a large figure, covered in lesions, with a spiked arm. The heroes fought their hardest against Scurra, all of them wanting to settle a score, but things managed to get worse. (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: Much worse! Muahaha! It’s my turn! Tell me it’s my turn, right?)

Safer, feeling something stirring inside of him, yelled at the others to try and get out, but it was too late. Mephisto emerged, enraged, and began to attack everyone. Iron Man showed up partially weakened (he had tried to EMP the alien technology) just as Mephisto emerged, but not before the demon had clawed Batman and knocked him unconscious. Then, (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: MY TURN $#%&ES! Woah, I totally curse in those fun marks! ## # !#$ @# #$#$!#&**^) Deadpool teleported onto the ship. Pointing directly at The Grey he said, "YOU RUINED THE FINALE OF TODDLERS AND TIARAS! How will I know if Honey Boo Boo won or not? You. Must. Pay!

Iron Man snuck Maria Hill out of the mothership while the rest of them battled. Mephisto and Batman both attacked Deadpool who’s only focus was on The Grey. The Grey ended up apologizing to Deadpool for whatever he had done, not understanding what Deadpool was talking about. (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: Oh, Matt knew what he had done! He knew!!!!) He cut a deal with Deadpool so that Deadpool could come to their base and watch TV, since Grey had ruined his own, if Deadpool agreed to fight against Mephisto. (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: Heck yeah I took that sweet deal! Their place is WAY cooler than that stupid apartment they narrated me into!)

Deadpool now on their side, the heroes managed to knock Scurra unconscious and turn their efforts towards Mephisto. Iron Man rocketed back into the fight, but sustained some damage when he was thrown through the ceiling. With their combined efforts, the four heroes managed to keep hitting Mephisto until he relinquished control of Safer, though it cost them all great stress and almost the entire supply of power from Batman and Iron Man’s suits to hit him hard enough. (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: They only won because I kept using the doom pool for my own powers. I’m so legit! High Five! And with my part of the bargain done, I teleported out of there to go watch some more tv!) Weak and almost powerless, the heroes turned to the laughter ringing out from Scurra. He had pressed a device in his hand that set off alarms throughout the ship. “This is just a setback. A practice invasion. I will be back to take over this Earth and none of you will be here to stop me.” Scurra turned blue and disappeared with a soft ‘BAMF’.

Realizing he had armed the “Final Force” the heroes scrambled to action. Iron Man hadn’t understood how much explosives there were, but considered the materials involved, he knew the blast would be larger than a nuclear explosion. Batman and Iron Man rushed off to the engine room while The Grey revived Safer, asking him for knowledge of how to fly the ship to maybe get it out of orbit. Safer fired up the ship and tried to yell at the others to get off the ship as he flew it himself, his plan being to try and allow Mephisto to have control in the hopes of killing him in the blast. Iron Man rushed back up to the bridge, trying to program his suit to fly the ship on his own so they could all escape. The Grey, now rushing to the engine room, summoned up thoughts of his home, the place where his planet used to be, to create a portal there to shove the bomb through. Safer, realizing what he was doing, helped with the efforts. Iron Man had gotten the ship in the air and moving out of the mine shaft when Batman pulled out his Cryptographic Sequencer again and found the frequency the explosive materials were vibrating at. The core went critical just as Safer and Grey pushed it through the portal. Batman managed to send out a counter vibration through his Sequencer to shut down the rest of the explosives. As the core was pushed through, detonating harmlessly in space, the ship crashed into the mouth of the mine, its engine now gone.

They had survived.

Down the Rabbit Hole
Session 17

It had been several weeks since the showdown in Antarctica and the heroes were finally getting a few moments to themselves. The events at the SHIELD base had been covered up so the public did not know how close their world came to ending, which also meant they didn’t know they owed their lives to The Outsiders and a bunch of villains. In the past two weeks the heroes had spent their time being debriefed by various governments and agencies while simultaneously policing any remaining aliens that were found, though many just disappeared.

Ollie and Safer had been summoned to the Helicarrier to speak with Nick Fury. Inside a briefing room they sat with Hawkeye and Black Widow as Fury offered them their jobs back. He had never worked with them personally, but they came highly recommended and had obviously proved themselves in Antarctica. Both accepted and Ollie became a full agent again while Safer returned to his advisory capacity. During this, Mephisto revealed to Safer that he now had a constant mental link with him and could talk to him and manifest an image of himself in Safer’s mind. Nick Fury provided Ollie with his first assignment, but said the mission wouldn’t expire for a few weeks so he had time to do other things. Leaving the ship, Ollie decided he would approach the X-Men and Charles Xavier to see if he could learn about his mutant abilities. Safer, meanwhile, decided to seek out Dr. Strange and see if he could locate the Book of Vishanti; a priceless tome of white magic that contains every counter spell.

Batman and The Grey were each off on their own at the moment. Sitting in his cave, Batman was examining the soil sample he took from Antarctica which turned out to be Antarctic Vibranium. It was illegal to mine it so SHIELD had been involved in some off the books activity. After speaking with Alfred and checking to see if there were any current crimes or other problems in the city Batman decided to go to SHIELD and ask Fury for more samples of alien blood to try and develop counter-measures. Meanwhile, The Grey was sitting in the SWORD satellite taking English lessons from Abigail Brand. He managed to learn a few words (though he might not be able to make all the sounds perfectly) and managed to ask Miss Brand to accompany him to an art museum. Before he left, he also convinced her to re-purpose some of their resources so he could send a message towards his homeworld in the hopes of any survivors. He sent a heartfelt message, then opened a portal back into New York City.

Ollie had arrived at the X-Mansion to be greeted by Xavier and Jean Grey. After a few minutes conversation he was taken to the Danger Room. There was no way to determine what his powers were besides testing. Taking turns, Cyclops, Iceman, and Colossus all hit him. It became apparent that Ollie could absorb kinetic energy to empower himself. They then ran a Danger Room simulation (with Sentinels and then Terminators) to try and see if it developed further under stress, though it did not. Oliver Storm now knew his mutant power. Xavier even offered for Ollie to come back anytime and asked Forge to build The Outsiders their own Danger Room.

Back in NYC Dr. Strange had told Safer that the book of Vishanti lay at the top of a mountain in Tibet and was guarded by a griffin. Due to his weak condition, Strange could not accompany him but did give him a map and teleported him to the mountain itself. Unbeknownst to Safer, he was actually back at his own base. Mephisto had taken control of his mind and was trying to get Safer to allow him deeper access. The Grey, returning from his English lesson, found Safer curled in the corner, vomiting and convulsing. Grey tried to help him but Safer repelled him with a magical barrier. Running out of ideas, he opened up the communicator Batman had given him and begged for assistance. They immediately contacted Dr. Strange and an hour later they had managed to transport Safer to the home of the Sorcerer Supreme.

Dr. Strange discovered what Mephisto was doing and decided to send the two heroes into Safer’s mind to try and pull him out. However, there was a catch. Whatever task Mephisto was having Safer complete was really to unlock the inner parts of his mind. If Safer completed the task, he would be lost to Mephisto’s control. Since Safer didn’t know what was going on if they tried to tell him what was happening it could damage his psyche. Batman and Grey had to convince their friend to abandon his quest to find an artifact he believed would end his curse. Batman asked about how powers would work in Safer’s mind to which Dr. Strange informed him that since it was a mental environment they could do anything, but obviously anything out of the ordinary could cause Safer to become confused and damage him.

Agreeing to the venture (and Batman setting up his own failsafe) the heroes plunged into their friends mind. They appeared directly in front of Safer who was already making his way up the mountain impeded by some demons. Mephisto, recognizing the heroes attempt, had Safer’s nemesis Robert de Sablé appear with them. Safer immediately questioned their motives since they were seemingly allied with a man trying to kill him. The sky went dark. Batman and Grey fought Sablé in the hopes that it might earn Safer’s trust while trying to convince him to give up the book. Safer, frustrated at everyone, tried to bind them all in chains so he could take a moment to figure out what was going on. Batman, realizing if he was incapacitated he could be no help, used ‘Magic Bat-Repellent Spray’ to avoid the chains. The sky turned red as Safer outburst about something he believed impossible.

The heroes continued to argue even after Sablé was taken down. The Grey, realizing it was fruitless, burrowed into the mountain to areas unknown. Batman thought he could convince his friend something was wrong by asking him if he believed the spray he just used could even be possible. The sky cracked, but held. Safer trudged on to his goal when all of a sudden Dr. Strange appeared in front of him. It was actually The Grey in disguise taking advantage of his ability to do anything. Unfortunately, Mephisto talked to Safer as Dr. Strange in his head and further confused the young man. With Batman not making any sense and two impossible Dr. Stranges he reached out to try and find The Grey and his innocent wisdom. When he found his friends mind inside that of the Dr. Strange before him the sky shattered.

All of them were ripped from Safer’s mind, including Safer himself. He observed as a specter above the scene while his friends frantically explained to Dr. Strange what had happened. With Safer’s psyche broken, Mephisto was taking over his body. With no other choice, Dr. Strange pulled Mephisto’s presence into himself. Safer awoke moments later to Dr. Strange lying comatose on a table next to him. Frantic explanations and some fighting occurred between the heroes with Batman and Safer feeling like some trust was lost. They had to put the argument aside for the sake of Dr. Strange and decided now that the real Book of Vishanti might be their only hope.

The Book of Vishanti
Session 18

The Outsider rush to the grave of Vincent Strange in the hopes the Book of Vishanti is still there. As they reach the cemetery they fan out and eventually find the tomb. Uponing entering the mausoleum the Stranges put him in, they open the tomb and are attacked by whatever was inside. A large humanoid leaps out and relentlessly attacks the Outsiders.

During the fight both the Grey and Ollie get bitten by the creature. Realizing it is a vampire, and possibly Victor Strange, Ollie works out a way for his phasing bracelets to isolate the foreign enzyme the vampire would have put into his body. Rather than use it on himself, he places the bracelets on Grey and prevents any likelihood of the alien becoming infected. However, there wasn’t enough time for himself.

Grey bends space and time to open a portal to the sun. The light fills the mausoleum and the vampire retreats into the cemetery. The heroes quickly grab the book and flee, leaving the powerful creature alone. On the way back to New York Safer finds the spell he would need. He realizes that he can use it to put Mephisto into any person in the world or banish him into nothingness, but that would allow Mephisto to eventually gain power and take control of someone. Once they arrive, Safer makes his decision and pulls the dark entity back into his own body, preventing Mephisto from plaguing anyone else.

Sentinel Attack
Session 19

It’s been a few days since the heroes obtained the book of Vishanti, but that was just a brief respite before the storm…

Mutant Revolt
Session 20

With the recent Sentinel attacks mutants have begun to feel the strain…


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