Senator Kelly Calls for Sentinel Reactivation



Senator Kelly Calls for Sentinel Reactivation

by Ben Ulrich

In a surprising turn after the recent mutant attacks, Senator Kelly has called for a re-activation of the Sentinel program. Many mutants were maimed and killed in the recent outbreak of rogue Sentinels, but Senator Kelly is drawing to light the mutants own response. He had this to say on the news:

“Yes, the attacks on the mutants WERE terrible. What surprises me is the attack on humans afterwards. Mutants were enraged by the attacks and have the firepower to back up that anger. The riots across New York City are proof of how dangerous these mutants can be. With all of them up in force, who is going to be able to control them? The Avengers? The Outsiders? What are we supposed to do if they decide to take over this city?”

His remarks have drawn much criticism. Many believe he is insensitive to the plight the mutants suffered at the hands of the robots, while others support him citing the large amount of property damage and deaths caused by the mutant riots. The country is still reeling from what is being called the worst mutant incident of our age. With the apparent destruction of the X-Men…(continued on page 5)

Senator Kelly Calls for Sentinel Reactivation

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