The Grey

The last of his kind, this Dysian will do anything to save his new home.


The Grey

Solo d8
Duo d6
Team d10

The Grey Trickster

Alien Physical Prowess:
Enhanced Strength d8
Enhanced Durability d8
Leaping d6

SFX: Dangerous. Step back highest rated die by one, step up stress inflicted.
SFX: Take the Hit. Spend 1pp to take damage intended for a team member.
Limit: Exhausted. Shut down a power for a PP.

The Breath:
Cosmic Influence d10
Cosmic Weapon d8
Cosmic Beam d8

SFX: Area Effect. Add a d6 to the doom pool and to the roll for each ally you wish to affect.
SFX: Area Attack. Add a d6 to the roll for each enemy you’re attacking. Keep an effect die for each one.
SFX: Cosmic Boost. Absorb extra energy to step up or double a cosmic power for one attack. Step up mental or physical stress by one after the action.
SFX: Thinking with Portals. Add a d6 to the roll for each portal based complication. Step up the effect die for the complication.
Limit: Self doubt. When you take emotional stress turn Cosmic Influence into a complication and gain 1pp. Recover the stress or remove the complication to recover the power set.


Personality: Grey is goofy on the surface, tormented on the inside. He makes light of everything as a joke, but deep down feels a lot of self doubt. This doubt stems from treatment he received on his home world as he was viewed as a weakling. Grey learned that it was just easier to laugh it all off than to admit his own doubts. Beneath it all, Grey is a thoughtful and caring individual. His attitude belies the intelligence and sincerity within. Grey is a fierce fighter, and a trustworthy friend. He will go to any lengths to protect his loved ones and teammates.
An inborn resentment of technology is within Grey. He resents any use of technology as he views it as a crutch. This is something he is slowly overcoming, as his teammates, and even his mother, are forced to use technology to survive.

Background: Grey’s home world Spiritus was destroyed by Galactus. He watched as the god destroyed ound:all that he loved. In a desperate attack, Grey flung himself at the giant. Galactus, impressed by Grey’s might, spared the Dysian. Galactus hurled Grey across the cosmos, hoping the young warrior would mature into the herald Galactus desired.

Before this, Grey had a troubled past. He was supposedly the chosen inheritor of a mighty position on his home world. But Grey’s lack of control over his own powers brought shame on his community. Grey’s sister, Seehra, was the inheritor of this tremendous power. Their relationship was great at first, with Grey watching over his young sister and she looking up to him. But there came a point where Seehra rapidly began to change as she took on her new role in the Dysian hierarchy. She began to hate whom she perceived to be weak, including Grey. Their disagreement lead to Grey being sentenced to exile from the Dysian city. When Galactus attacked, Seehra and the council fled the planet.

Grey is alone on a new world. He is surrounded by people he doesn’t understand, but he will make the best of it, and he will make sure his new home survives. He lost everything in the attack from Galactus, he won’t lose it all again.

The Grey

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