Oliver Storm


Name: Oliver Storm

Affiliations: Solo: 10 Buddy: 6 Team: 8

Distinctions: Single Minded Focus, Lab Geek, Agent of Shield

Power Sets:
Molecular Wave Field Generators
Intangibility: 10
Stretching: 10
Psychic Resistance: 8
SFX: Burnout, Counter
Limits: Gear

Mysterious Mutation
SFX: Kinetic Absorb
Limits: Mutant Limit

Specialties: Combat: 10 Menace: 10 Vehicle: 8 Tech: 10


An orphan from birth, Oliver never quite found his place in the world and spent all his time buried in books. Accepted into MIT for Molecular Engineering and Electrical Engineering, he was recruited by Shield right after graduation and quickly progressed through the ranks becoming proficient with tactical vehicle handling, hand to hand combat techniques, and interrogation skills. Very self driven, he always wanted to do more to help, and devoted most of his free time to research in his laboratory where he invented the molecular wave field generators which give intagability and a stretchy rubberness to the wearer.

Oliver has always been more interested in his training and technological research that in spending time with others. As a result he often spends most of his time in the lab or in the gym and doesn’t have much contact with people. Often this results in a very gruff manner when dealing with others, or a complete misunderstanding of others’ reactions and emotions. Said to understand machines better than he does most people, Oliver thrives in a solo environment, and functions worst in a crowded, noisy group setting.

Abilities and Resources
The molecular wave field generators Oliver invented fit over the wrists and ankles,increasing the molecular bonds in the body, allowing the molecules of the wearer’s arms and legs to bend elastically, stretching great distances and able to absorb great amounts of physical force. He also invented a chest piece that allows the wearer to adjust the vibration and space between the body’s molecules, affecting its solidity, giving the wearer the ability to pass through solid objects. He also invented a helmet that creates a wave field slightly protecting the wear from psychic wave frequencies. Due to his Shield training he is also proficient in combat, most forms of vehicles, and menacing interrogation techniques.

Oliver Storm

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