Solo d10; Buddy d8; Team d6

Grim Reaper
Unknown Past
Death is Coming

Inherent Demon
Sorcery Mastery D10
Darkforce Mastery D10
Transmutation D10
Cosmic Influence D6

SFX: Unleashed – Step up any power. If it fails add the normal rating of that power to the doom pool.
SFX: Blackout – Add a d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when using Inherent Demon to create complications.
SFX: Mystic Nature – When stressed out spend 1 PP to dissappear from the scene.
Limit: Growing Dread – 1 and 2 both count as opportunities with any Inherent Demon powers.
Limit: Mental Anguish – Change any Inherent Demon power into a complication and recover mental stress equal to that power’s die size. Activate an opportunity or remove the complication to recover the power.

Death’s Movement
Teleportation D10
Airwalking D8

SFX: Reactive Power – Spend 1 PP to add a Teleport to another character’s dice pool before rolling. If that character takes physical stress, take d6 mental stress.
SFX: Death’s Mentality – On a successful reaction to a psychic attack
apply your effect die as a ‘Nightmares’ complication. Spend a PP to do
this on a failed reaction.
Limit: Reaper – When someone dies in front of you earn a PP to vanish for the next action order while you collect their soul.
Limit: Conflicted by Duty – Earn 1 PP and step up emotional stress involving situations where Khavek’s duty to only watch and collect souls conflicts with his desire to save someone’s life.

Cosmic Expert D8, Mystic Master D10, Menace Master D10



Khavek is a demon serving under Death herself. He is a personal envoy that ensures the death of some people and transports souls to his mistress. Commonly called a ‘Grim Reaper’, Khavek’s mere presence is a sign of certain death to any that know him. Once a normal human, he was pulled into Death’s service after she possessed him. The experience destroyed his mind and mangled his body, but left him imbued with some of her powers. Death conscripted him and gave him a new form so that he could do her bidding. For 800 years Khavek has served Death on Earth. Drawn to others with supernatural powers, he seeks out the heroes of the world in the hopes of witnessing great events and collecting the souls of the inevitable battles. His presence is normally hidden from those not mystically inclined.


Khavek has never questioned his role in the universe, but recently he has taken to interfering with mortal affairs. Only with the outbreak of superheroes has he begun to challenge his own beliefs. Death has been a large part of his life and with so many now trying to prevent death it occurs to him that there is much he does not know. Not wishing his mistress to be privy to his excursions, he cuts himself off from most of his power and will directly involve himself in current events to aid heroes or villains alike depending on the possible futures he has seen. His direct involvement will drastically increase the death count.

Abilities & Resources

As the Grim Reaper he has the ability to move through time and space at will. Observing possible pasts and futures, transporting people, and exerting control over mystical, cosmic, and darkforce energies allowing him to bend the laws of physics around him. When cut off from his powers he is more susceptible to damage of every sort and severely weakened in power. Cutting himself off seems to link him to his human self which allows emotions to leak through though he typically stays true to his goals. The more time spent away from death, the more human he seems and the less power he will retain.


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