I Am Vengeance, I Am the Night, I Am Batman!


At this point, Bruce Wayne is in his late 20’s, fresh from his travels throughout the world, learning new forms of combat and studying the criminal mind and molding them into his new identity… Batman. Batman is a symbol to all criminals that there is good in this world, and that justice will always prevail. Batman uses a suit of half reinforced Kevlar that protects him from vicious attacks enemies may use against him. Armed with the latest gadgets/weaponry from Wayne Tech, Batman is never out of options to defend all that is good. His main weapons, Power Gauntlets used to amplify the force of his punches, evening out the odds against super villains that may cross his path. Armed with these and many other gadget’s from Lucius Fox and the guidance of his most trusted friend.. Batman will always fight injustice and stand for what is right.


It was just an ordinary night back so many years ago… a night of enjoyment with the two people that he cared the most about. Unlike most nights like this which usually end in a good time, this one ended with a bang … two bangs in fact. He saw as the two people he cared the most for fall to a senseless crime that forever changed him. After the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne fell into the care of his family’s butler, Alfred; who as the years progressed became the one person to hold Bruce’s absolute trust. Despite as the years progressed, the pain and the grief over the lost of his parents never dulled, but rather festered as if stained on his soul.

After graduation of college, Bruce Wayne began to travel the world to understand the criminal mind, to learn .. how to fight and protect those who cannot protect themselves. After years of learning new forms of combat that only few can even dream of mastering, Bruce Wayne returns home determined to make a difference and save his city from criminals and evil. Realizing that as a man, he is flesh and blood and that he can be ignored or destroyed, but that as a symbol he can be incorruptible and everlasting. It was then that he don the Bat Suit, becoming a symbol and holding a stance that injustice will not prevail. Armed with the latest technology at his disposal, Batman now works to stop evil and maintain his unspoken promise … “To avenge two certain people he could not protect so many years ago”….


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