The Outsiders

The Book of Vishanti

Session 18

The Outsider rush to the grave of Vincent Strange in the hopes the Book of Vishanti is still there. As they reach the cemetery they fan out and eventually find the tomb. Uponing entering the mausoleum the Stranges put him in, they open the tomb and are attacked by whatever was inside. A large humanoid leaps out and relentlessly attacks the Outsiders.

During the fight both the Grey and Ollie get bitten by the creature. Realizing it is a vampire, and possibly Victor Strange, Ollie works out a way for his phasing bracelets to isolate the foreign enzyme the vampire would have put into his body. Rather than use it on himself, he places the bracelets on Grey and prevents any likelihood of the alien becoming infected. However, there wasn’t enough time for himself.

Grey bends space and time to open a portal to the sun. The light fills the mausoleum and the vampire retreats into the cemetery. The heroes quickly grab the book and flee, leaving the powerful creature alone. On the way back to New York Safer finds the spell he would need. He realizes that he can use it to put Mephisto into any person in the world or banish him into nothingness, but that would allow Mephisto to eventually gain power and take control of someone. Once they arrive, Safer makes his decision and pulls the dark entity back into his own body, preventing Mephisto from plaguing anyone else.



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