The Outsiders

Surprise! Dinosaurs!

Session 3

The group got back together once the breakout ended and made their way back to the Helicarrier. Whilst in route they examined the uniform scrap they found and determined it belonged to a Karl Lykos. Once they reached the Helicarrier Director Maria Hill questioned them about the breakout and got as much information as they could. They asked about Lykos but she informed them that their part in the breakout was done and to drop it.

Not to be deterred, the heroes hacked into SHIELD’s systems when they were ordered off the bridge. Batman was able to determine that Lykos was in Antarctica in the Savage Land and also discovered there was a SHIELD base near there that was offline. The heroes all hopped in a new Batjet and took off.

They found a nice clearing to land in and proceeded to set up a perimeter and get their bearings (having elected to go after Lykos than worry about some SHIELD outpost) when a large Tyrannosaurus Rex crashed through the brush and into the Batjet, destroying it. Safer was able to mentally perceive the dinosaur right before it crashed through and warned the others. A furious battle ensued. Safer tried to gain control of the large beast but realized he wasn’t powerful enough. They ended up killing the creature and Meatshield, taking offense, cut its head off. While trying to recuperate Safer caught whiff of more dinosaurs incoming. The group hid while a pack of Velociraptors came out of the jungle and began scavenging off of the large corpse. Our heroes left them to their meal.

After traveling through the jungle for a while they were ambushed by a group of mutates. Along with the group were Barbarus, Lupo, Vertigo, and their leader Brainchild. The heroes found themselves outnumbered, but fought valiantly still. Unfortunately, one of their teammate’s dark secrets came out in this battle. Safer, having previously made a pact with him, had his body taken over by Mephisto. The demon wreaked havoc on heroes and mutates alike, taking them all down. Mephisto did not have the strength to continue possessing Safer after the battle so he reverted to his original form. Some more mutates came along, collected the downed heroes, and brought them to Karl Lykos himself.



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