The Outsiders

Shutting Down The Riot

Session 2

After taking out Constrictor, Batman and Oliver Storm started to press forward when Safer suddenly sank to the floor. He ushered them onward, informing them of a mental assault he was defending against. With still no sign of Meat Shield, they made their way after Jigsaw, but turned towards the sound of a large scale battle.

Emerging in a large hangar with a single helicopter, the twosome saw two warring factions of inmates trying to take the vehicle for themselves to escape. There were too many villains to count, but the heroes did notice a few leaders on each side that include The Brothers Grimm, Silver Samurai, Grey Gargoyle , Razorfist, Tombstone, and Tigershark chained to Armadillo.

Rather than insert themselves into the fray, the two heroes snuck around the rafters to get behind the battle where they could take the helicopter for themselves. Batman, turning invisible, snuck to the cockpit of the helicopter to radio for backup, but the radio squelched and attracted the attention of the Brothers Grimm. Attacking Olliver, they were ambushed from behind by the Batman and one of the brothers fell while the other retreated. Figuring subtlety was lost; the pair hopped into the helicopter and opened fire on the inmates below.

After spraying the crowd with tear gas, Batman lunged out of the helicopter and landed on Tombstone, knocking him out cold. He then proceeded to thin out the crowd and fight the rest of the villains. Olliver prepared to join his ally when an explosion signified the entrance of Captain America and Iron Man. The four heroes were able to quickly dispatch the rest of the villains and secure the raft.

Captain America delivered orders indicating that the heroes should rendezvous back at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ for debriefing, so the two collected Safer, who had subdued all villains with mental powers, and Meat Shield who had found part of a prisoner’s uniform in the power plant after escaping Carnage.



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