The Outsiders

I Think We Can Take "Em

Session 15

Having just defeated the HYDRA forces in Germany, but failing to capture the Baron and Chitauri Commander, the heroes plotted their next move…

Captain America decided to head to England to support London in its own invasion while The Grey decided to stay behind at the Hydra base to secure the captive Madam Hydra until SHIELD backup arrived, but to also study the alien technology littering the base. With their mental link in place, Safer, Ollie, and Batman spoke with System to determine the best course of action.

She informed the Outsiders of the threat still looming in Wakanda (though their shield hadn’t failed it was getting peppered by artillery) and of a new anomaly. Several alien motherships where hovering around the globe and not releasing their forces. Nobody could get a scan to see what was going on because of the shields the ships were projecting, but it couldn’t be good. The closest one to them was hovering over the pyramids in Egypt and after a brief argument, that’s where Ollie decided to go…alone. Batman and Safer made their own way into Africa to support Wakanda and the assault against them.

Upon reaching Wakanda, the two heroes found an alien force with artillery positions hammering on the shield of the small nation. Nothing seemed to be getting through, but not knowing how long that would hold the heroes leapt into action to take out the giant guns. To begin their assault, Safer made a shield of magic around him and dove out of the Batjet. Using himself as a human bullet, he collided with one of the artillery positions and knocked the guns into each other to destroy them. He quickly began working on the ground forces nearby to try and fight his way to the next position. At the same time, Batman used his Batjet to try and clear the area of forces. Managing to get shotdown, he used his grapple gun to hijack another alien ship that he was promptly shot out of. Using the same trick he procured another, but failed to evade the next bit of fire (mostly from not knowing how to fly an alien ship).

Safer finished up the ground forces and tried to call for help from Wakanda. Nothing was able to get through the shield (not even magic) so he used his powers to arrange the clouds in the sky into a message. While he moved to the next artillery position while Batman used a combination of batarangs and explosive pellets to destroy the engines of the remaining alien ships before proceeding to help Safer. The second artillery position proved to be as weak as the previous one and was easily taken down by Safer. His coup de grĂ¢ce occured by conjuring a cannon and firing one of the elite soldiers into a nearby tree. As soon as Batman finished off the rest of the air forces, the shield of Wakanda flickered for a moment and gunfire began raining down on the enemies plaguing Safer. Now making his own way to his ally, Batman spotted a very large Chitauri running parallel to him.

As the all drew together, the two heroes realized the gunfire was coming from none other than Nick Fury himself. The lost hero made short work of the Chitauri soldiers and with Batman and Safer’s help he defeated the Chitauri commander, though Batman broke his gauntlets in the process. Nick Fury brought the two up to speed on his disappearance by telling them he knew of traitors within SHIELD and that Maria Hill was seemingly one of them. Fearing a plot on his life, he fled to Wakanda where T’challa was kind enough to give him refuge.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, Ollie and Agent Coulson had arrive at the mothership in Egypt. Hovering over the pyramids, the ship made no move against SHIELD’s Helicarrier. Ollie had System analyze the shield to try and find a weakness. Using the alien navigation computer they had taken from the crashed ship, she was able to synthesize a signal that would probably allow access. A high pitched whine erupted from the Helicarrier’s speakers causing the Egyptian military below to flinch. The mothership didn’t move, but some lights flickered across it so he hopped in a shuttle and proceeded to dock on their ship. Once inside the shield it still cut off the outside world. He was alone.

As soon as Ollie had landed in the docking bay of the ship he was surrounded by Chitauri soldiers. Thinking fast on his feet, he boldly stepped out of the ship and demanded that he be taken to their leader. Confused, the soldiers did so, taking him up to the bridge of the ship where he faced one of the Chitauri commanders. Ollie decided to try and deceive the invader and did his best to convince him he was an undercover Chitauri. He did this by yelling at the Chitauri commander. The commander tried to call him on his bluff, but Oliver seemed to have an answer for everything. Including why he couldn’t speak their own language. Pretending he was inspecting the ship, he asked for a detailed analysis of their progress and got it. Having enough of him, the commander asked him to be taken to a room where he could analyze the report. As Ollie left the bridge he noticed the commander talking into a communication system. To try and throw the commander off, he ordered his Chitauri escort to take him to the engine room instead to analyze how it was functioning.

Upon arrival, Ollie stared a large, open core engine and heard alarms begin to blare. The two Chitauri had something spoken to them over the comms before lowering their weapons at Ollie. He quickly stretched around each guard and threw them into the open core of the engine causing it to malfunction. The mothership now engine-less began to fall out of the sky. Oliver quickly phased himself through the floor and out of the ship where he turned himself into a parachute to land safely on the ground. However, his actions had caused the mothership to careen straight towards one of the pyramids. Thinking fast on his feet, Ollie grabbed one of the Egyptian military’s generators and stretched out to the pyramid. Using the electricity to boost his power bracelets he touched and phased the entire pyramid so the mothership passed right through.

Once the ship crashed, the military made short work of the survivors, while Ollie captured their leader by reaching inside of him and squeezing a vital organ. The Egyptian military took the alien technology into their custody in exchange for SHIELD taking the captive commander. Getting back in touch with the rest of the group, System let them all know that she had had time to figure out the data that Batman had gotten from the HYDRA base. It showed a separate base that was not located on their current map of the alien forces. Located in the abandoned SHIELD outpost in Antarctica (that the heroes forgot to investigate during the Breakout), the heroes now knew where their next mission would be.



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