The Outsiders

Castle Crashers

Session 6

Before making their trip to Latveria, the heroes sought out the guidance of Thor and the Avengers. They arrived at Stark Tower hoping to catch them there. Batman and Iron Man tested each other for a minute before Thor arrived and informed the heroes that his brother was currently residing in Latveria, but that they couldn’t do anything officially because no laws were being broken. Iron Man flat out refused any involvement, but Thor was convinced to go along. Before leaving, Ollie had Tony Stark scan him to try and figure out what the machine in the Savage Land had done to him, but got little results besides that his genetic material had been changed.

Seeking a little more guidance before heading out, the heroes went to see the Fantastic Four about Doctor Doom and Latveria. Reed and Ben Grimm didn’t know what was going on currently and had no idea why Loki and him would be allied. Oliver asked Reed to check him out as well and they were able to determine that Ollie had, for all intents and purposes, become a mutant. There was no indication of powers, but the possiblity existed.

Finally leaving out, the heroes arrived in Latveria and met a very impatient Thor. They strode up to Loki’s castle (provided by Doom) and announced their presence. Thor and his brother had an argument as they tried to figure out what Loki’s involvement with the breakout was and why he was in Latveria. Not revealing any secrets, Loki turned away the heroes. They immediately struck out against the Doom guards to force there way inside and get the answers they wanted.

After taking out the front gate, the heroes strode in. All except Batman who snuck over the wall and inside the castle while the argument was taking place. Inside the castle the heroes had to find their way through the winding maze of hallways. They were plagued by a security system the whole time (the heroes passed by the security room) but still made short work of the plethora of guards in the castle. Safer, deciding on a different course of action, called out to Loki and convinced him he was trying to work for him. Loki informed him to draw the heroes in so they could finish them together.

After many winding turns the heroes found themselves to the throne room. Fighting frost giants to get inside, they were confronted by multiple Loki’s who revealed that Safer was foolish to try and trick the ultimate trickster. A battle ensued, but thanks to Thor it was short lived. Clearly discovering they were outmatched, Thor elected to harass his brother until they stopped fighting. Loki then answered their questions and sent them on their way. The heroes didn’t learn much, except that Loki was denying having been to Paris. They were back to square one.

On their way home, tragedy struck. Mephisto resurfaced on their flight home and began to attack the teammates. Thor having flown on ahead, made Oliver the only one to defend against the demon as Batman flew the plane. Safer’s arm elongated into a clawed appendage which Mephisto drug through the side of the Batjet. Batman fought to maintain control as Ollie held off the demon. Since they were over the middle of the Atlantic the heroes had to save their transportation or they would be stranded. Realizing the fight wasn’t going to benefit Safer much, Ollie threw Mephisto from the Batjet, but the demon took him with him. While falling through the air Ollie struggled to break free of the demon but was unable to. A long, slender hand pierced him through his heart. An hour later Batman had the crashed Batjet functional and searched for his allies. Only finding Safer’s unconscious body, they returned to the United States.



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