The Outsiders

Antarctic Alien HQ

Session 16

The heroes found themselves in Antarctica two days after their raids in Egypt and Wakanda. With Director Fury, they sat in the SHIELD Helicarrier’s briefing room staring at a holographic map of the Antarctic SHIELD base. It consisted of a large mine shaft with a facility surrounding it. They were unsure what alien forces were inside because of another shield blocking all outside contact. Reed Richards and System were hooked into the communications where they offered their own input. Together, they had been trying to crack the alien language, but hadn’t managed much. System locked out Richards when he started to ramble and explained to them that the best they could tell is that there was an alien army and they seemed to have a failsafe. There were constant references to a “Final Force” in the documents and the best they could tell it might be a bomb.

Tony Stark then arrived with all the reinforcements he could muster: super-villains. The United States had passed the proposal to offer pardons to all super-powered individuals who would help combat the invasion. Tony’s influence had done little except to keep them from releasing some of the worst offenders like Carnage. A brief argument happened as the heroes opposed their presence, but Fury dissuaded any conflicts by reminding them all that without the extra help they would have no chance to defeat the aliens. A battle plan was formed and the forces began to prepare.

After another day, the heroic forces stood in a line in front of the alien shield. On the other side rested the aliens own line of soldiers, along with a few gun emplacements and anti-aircraft towers. System signaled the start of the battle with a high pitched squeal. The same signal that she had used for Ollie in Egypt was being broadcast to allow them passage through the alien shield. Once inside, the battle was chaotic. Batman, in his typical heroic fashion, tried to stay completely camouflaged for the battle, but the vast amounts of snow rendered that impossible. He managed to take down many Chitauri soldiers with his batarangs and explosive pellets. Safer summoned an AT-AT foot to step on the gun emplacements, nearly destroying one of them. While The Grey created a cosmic baseball bat and ball to take down the other. His war cries of “Touchdown!” and “Goooooooooal!” showed his still weak understanding of Earth sports.

During the battle the heroes received help from various villains with Doctor Octopus saved the Grey, Living Laser helped Batman, and Grey Gargoyle saved Safer. General mayhem ensued around them as they fought the aliens. The Grey even knocked a DirectTV satellite out of orbit with one of his cosmic baseballs. Olliver Storm managed to stretch up and grab it, swinging it to crash in a safe place, though it had more dire consequences than anyone could have imagined. (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: Matt ruined my tv show! He must pay!) In this fashion they fought their way inside the base, leaving the rest of the alien forces and the AA towers for the villains and SHIELD agents. Meanwhile, Ollie called DirectTV (thinking their satellite had crashed of its own accord) and yelled at a support agent until one of the supervisors told Ollie they would give them DirectTV for free in their base.

Iron Man flew in with them, stopping at the entrance of the mine shaft. Housed in the mine was another mothership. A guard force protected it, but Safer summoned the arctic air from outside to come in an freeze them. He then stepped forward and entered the mind of one of the soldiers to draw knowledge of the ship and the aliens from him. The Outsiders elected to go to the bridge while Iron Man said he would check the engine room to see about shutting the ship down. Realizing they didn’t know their way, The Grey began leaping through the halls trying to cover as much ground as quickly as possible. While Safer tried to piece together the information from the knowledge he had taken from the Chitauri, Batman pulled out his Cryptographic Sequencer, sent out a sonar through the ship to make a map, and led them to the bridge.

Two more Chitauri Elites protected the bridge, but the heroes made short work of them as well by throwing them into one another, shocking them, and generally punching their lights out. During this, Iron Man came over their mental link to inform the heroes the ships core was exposed like the other, but many things were wired into it that he didn’t understand. It looked like they had found the “Final Force”. The bridge now seemingly clear, they walked onto it. The sight before them was grizzly. Maria Hill, malnourished, bruised, and unconscious hung on the wall. Surrounding her were many dead Chitauri. Batman rushed forward to try and get her down, only to be hit from the side. He took the brunt of the damage, rolled, and came up to face a being who hated him more than anyone else.

A Skrull stood before the heroes, his voice gritty and menacing. He revealed himself to be the shapeshifter they had fought on the bridge (not Loki) and the actual leader of this invasion. Yelling, “I am Scurra, one of the last of the War Skrulls! And I will be your doom.” he shapeshifted into a large figure, covered in lesions, with a spiked arm. The heroes fought their hardest against Scurra, all of them wanting to settle a score, but things managed to get worse. (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: Much worse! Muahaha! It’s my turn! Tell me it’s my turn, right?)

Safer, feeling something stirring inside of him, yelled at the others to try and get out, but it was too late. Mephisto emerged, enraged, and began to attack everyone. Iron Man showed up partially weakened (he had tried to EMP the alien technology) just as Mephisto emerged, but not before the demon had clawed Batman and knocked him unconscious. Then, (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: MY TURN $#%&ES! Woah, I totally curse in those fun marks! ## # !#$ @# #$#$!#&**^) Deadpool teleported onto the ship. Pointing directly at The Grey he said, "YOU RUINED THE FINALE OF TODDLERS AND TIARAS! How will I know if Honey Boo Boo won or not? You. Must. Pay!

Iron Man snuck Maria Hill out of the mothership while the rest of them battled. Mephisto and Batman both attacked Deadpool who’s only focus was on The Grey. The Grey ended up apologizing to Deadpool for whatever he had done, not understanding what Deadpool was talking about. (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: Oh, Matt knew what he had done! He knew!!!!) He cut a deal with Deadpool so that Deadpool could come to their base and watch TV, since Grey had ruined his own, if Deadpool agreed to fight against Mephisto. (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: Heck yeah I took that sweet deal! Their place is WAY cooler than that stupid apartment they narrated me into!)

Deadpool now on their side, the heroes managed to knock Scurra unconscious and turn their efforts towards Mephisto. Iron Man rocketed back into the fight, but sustained some damage when he was thrown through the ceiling. With their combined efforts, the four heroes managed to keep hitting Mephisto until he relinquished control of Safer, though it cost them all great stress and almost the entire supply of power from Batman and Iron Man’s suits to hit him hard enough. (UNAUTHORIZED EDIT: They only won because I kept using the doom pool for my own powers. I’m so legit! High Five! And with my part of the bargain done, I teleported out of there to go watch some more tv!) Weak and almost powerless, the heroes turned to the laughter ringing out from Scurra. He had pressed a device in his hand that set off alarms throughout the ship. “This is just a setback. A practice invasion. I will be back to take over this Earth and none of you will be here to stop me.” Scurra turned blue and disappeared with a soft ‘BAMF’.

Realizing he had armed the “Final Force” the heroes scrambled to action. Iron Man hadn’t understood how much explosives there were, but considered the materials involved, he knew the blast would be larger than a nuclear explosion. Batman and Iron Man rushed off to the engine room while The Grey revived Safer, asking him for knowledge of how to fly the ship to maybe get it out of orbit. Safer fired up the ship and tried to yell at the others to get off the ship as he flew it himself, his plan being to try and allow Mephisto to have control in the hopes of killing him in the blast. Iron Man rushed back up to the bridge, trying to program his suit to fly the ship on his own so they could all escape. The Grey, now rushing to the engine room, summoned up thoughts of his home, the place where his planet used to be, to create a portal there to shove the bomb through. Safer, realizing what he was doing, helped with the efforts. Iron Man had gotten the ship in the air and moving out of the mine shaft when Batman pulled out his Cryptographic Sequencer again and found the frequency the explosive materials were vibrating at. The core went critical just as Safer and Grey pushed it through the portal. Batman managed to send out a counter vibration through his Sequencer to shut down the rest of the explosives. As the core was pushed through, detonating harmlessly in space, the ship crashed into the mouth of the mine, its engine now gone.

They had survived.



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