The Outsiders

A New Ally

Session 7

Worrying over the apparent death of one of their teammates, the heroes get no rest as a new threat begins rampaging around New York. At SHIELD HQ a 7’ tall alien is released from a cosmic shard that was functioning as a prison. Unable to open it themselves, SHIELD contacted Dr. Strange to try and release the trapped creature. Upon release, the creature burst out of the building and into the middle of New York City.

Batman and Safer responded to the threat immediately. Hovering overhead in the Batjet they saw a grey creature covered in fur. Leaping into action, the two heroes tried to subdue this unknown threat. Stuck in a rage, The Grey began to damage the city and the heroes attacking him. Leaping through a building he managed to grab some debris and take down the Batjet, forcing the hero inside to meet this new foe on the ground. Safer tried to trap the alien in a swirling tornado of flaming Batjet pieces but he smashed through the ground and into the subway tunnel below.

With SHIELD agents now at their side, the heroes followed him downwards as The Grey began to tear up the track. Fighting him, the heroes weren’t able to make much of a dent before he leapt back onto the street.Finally, the heroes were able to take him down and, much to everyone’s surprise, he shrunk down to be only 4’ tall. Once they returned him to SHIELD headquarters, it was explained to them that the creature was an alien and that he had awoken in his rage. Safer tried to probe his mind and discover what might be his intentions. During this process Maria Hill got a report of Doctor Octopus robbing a bank. While everyone turned to the live feed, The Grey woke up and saw Doc Ock kill a police officer. Breaking his bonds, he leapt through the building again.

Safer and Batman caught up to him at the bank robbery where The Grey was trying to take down the robbers. Deciding to help, the group managed to take down all of the robbers. Once they had worked their way inside, Safer closed the vault door and magically locked it to prevent Doc Ock from escaping, only to have him burst through the side of the building, grab a hostage, and crawl away. Unable to keep up with the doctor, they turned their attention to the last few robbers. Once they were stopped, The Grey began leaping across buildings in pursuit of Doctor Octopus. Safer followed The Grey on a flying carpet, while Batman interrogated the remaining thieves to learn of their hideout. Getting the information, he made his way to a warehouse near the river right as the other two arrived.

Once inside, the heroes took out a few more thugs before their final showdown with the doctor. One tentacle wrapped around a hostage, he threatened the heroes to leave or she would die. Unperturbed, Safer tried to rescue the woman, only to fail. The Grey, having a cosmic kusarigama, cut off the arm holding the girl so she could escape. As Doc Ock yelled in fury, Batman snuck up from the side and knocked him out with one hit. SHIELD arrived shortly after to collect the thugs and try to take The Grey back into their custody. Safer convinced them to let The Grey stay with him and Batman since SHIELD obviously couldn’t contain him, and work as a hero until they could figure out what else to do with him.



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